To kraftfulle og allsidige 4K 60p-videokameraer beregnet for profesjonell kringkasting og videoproduksjon

Panasonic presenterer i dag to nye 4K-videokameraer med integrerte objektiver og 1.0-sensorer, begge med de avanserte funksjonene og ytelsen som fagfolk krever, kombinert med glimrende vektbalanse og bærbarhet. Den høye videokvaliteten samt muligheten for utvidelse og tilpassing gjør at Panasonic HC-X2 og HC-X20 raskt og enkelt kan tas i bruk på en rekke områder, deriblant til nyheter, intervjuer og arrangementer. Les mer i vår informasjon på engelsk

The HC-X2/X20 offers superb optical performance via its integrated 24.5mm1 wide angle lens with 20x optical zoom and 5-axis HYBRID O.I.S.+, plus high-precision, high-speed AF with new face detection capabilities.

The camcorders support 4:2:2 10-bit 4K 30p/25p internal video recording, an extensive variety of recording formats including Super Slow Motion (100/120fps) and Variable Frame Rate (2fps to 60fps), and HEVC recording for more efficient storage.

Both models include professional video production features such as simultaneous display on the LCD monitor and Electronic Viewfinder, Triple Manual Rings for easy control, XLR audio input terminals, ND filter, dual SD card slots, unlimited shooting length and built-in Wi-Fi.

The HC-X2, the higher-end model of the pair, additionally offers HLG2 (Hybrid Log Gamma) and V-log recording for creating 4K HDR content, as well as Ethernet connectivity and simultaneous SDI/HDMI output and HD live streaming capabilities via a range of streaming protocols.

Panasonic will be proposing the HC-X2 as suitable for medium-scale news gathering and streaming, while the HC-X20 is ideal for small-scale independent interviews and events.

Remarkable Optical Performance for Precise Shooting

The integrated lens offers outstanding versatility thanks to a 20x optical zoom which ranges from 24.5mm1 wide angle to 490mm1 telephoto. Additionally, i.ZOOM allows the HC-X2/X20 to reach 24x zoom at 4K and 32x zoom at FHD resolution. The high zoom range is achievable in a compact body thanks to a 4-Lens Drive System wherein each group of lenses is driven independently.

High-Speed, High-Precision AF with Face Detection

Ensure subjects are always in sharp focus and accurately exposed with Face Detection AF/AE and a precise focus lens drive, which offers superior focussing speed, stability and tracking performance for both 4K and FHD recording. Additionally, the LCD monitor can be touched to activate subject tracking with colour recognition.

Eliminate Handshake with 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S.+

The HC-X2/X20 feature a hybrid system in which optical and electronic image stabilisation work together to detect and correct camera shake across five axes, including rotational blurring. This enables smooth panning and beautifully steady handheld shooting even at 20x zoom or under unstable conditions like low- or high-angle shooting. By reducing friction on the drive section, the Ball O.I.S. System allows for delicate, precise and unobtrusive correction, even for tiny degrees of movement.

High-Sensitivity 1.0-Type (1.0-inch) 4K Sensor for Superb Image Quality

Boasting a resolution of approximately 15.03 effective megapixels, the 1.0-Type MOS sensor offers UHD (3840 x 2160) recording with zero cropping, a moderate depth of field and an effective balance between image quality and sensitivity.

Variety of Recording Modes to Meet Professional Workflows

The camcorders support a wide range of bit rates and formats to suit professional and creative needs. For internal recording, UHD at 29.98p/25p and FHD up to 59.97p/50p in 4:2:2 10-bit quality is available, while UHD 60p 4:2:2 10-bit can be recorded externally via the HDMI output. Highly efficient HEVC recording (LongGOP/10-bit 4:2:0/MOV) is available at 59.97p/200Mbps, while the file format can be selected from MOV (QuickTime), MP4 and AVCHD.

Equipped for HDR Video Production (HC-X2 only)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) video recording is available on the HC-X2 through its Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) shooting mode. HDR video offers a wider brightness range than standard video, rendering images more natural and true-to-life. Additionally, users can shoot in 13-stop V-Log mode, providing the ideal base for accurate, uniform colour grading of footage in post-production.

Super Slow Motion and 4K (UHD) VFR Shooting

By recording FHD images at high 100fps/120fps frame rates, then playing them back at standard 50fps/59.94fps frame rates, the camcorders can create a smooth slow-motion effect. Additionally, the HC-X2 offers a Variable Frame Rate (VFR) shooting function, allowing the user to set the frame rate to one of ten steps between 2fps and 50/60fps (with the selectable frame rate depending on the recording format) and produce creative, expressive videos with techniques such as overcranking and undercranking.

Versatile Network Functions

Built-in Wi-Fi makes connectivity easier than ever, while the HC-ROP mobile app enables users to operate the camcorders (including lens control and camera settings) wirelessly using tablets and smartphones.

The HC-X2 is equipped with Ethernet, allowing for a highly stable live streaming setup, while the HC-X20 can be connected to a wired LAN through its optional USB Ethernet Adapter (sold separately). FHD live streaming uses popular RTSP/RTP/RTMP/RTMPS protocols, and allows for direct broadcast of concerts, sporting events, press conferences and more to platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Users can also record and stream simultaneously.

Additionally, the HC-X2’s USB tethering function allows users to live stream via 5G smartphones.

Efficiency-Boosting Display Options

The 3.5-inch, 2,760k-dot LCD monitor more than doubles the resolution and brightness of the previous model3, providing excellent clarity and visibility even in bright sunlight. It offers electrostatic touch functions, allowing users to select menus with the tap of a finger.

The camcorders also include a 2,360k-dot tiltable OLED viewfinder, which can be used simultaneously with the LCD monitor to improve work efficiency.

To support fast, accurate manual focussing, the displays offer Focus Assist functions including Expand, Peaking and Area Mode.

Design Features to Support Professionals

The camcorders’ controls and features have been designed with the needs of video professionals in mind. The lens barrel features Triple Manual Rings for fast, simple and precise control of zoom, focus and iris operations, and there are 14 customisable User buttons available (nine on the body and five on the LCD touch panel).

The integrated ND filter has four settings (Clear, 1/4, 1/16 and 1/64) and there are dedicated controls for Gain and AWB.

The included battery has been designed to sit within the camera body shape rather than protrude and provides long continuous shooting times: approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes on the HC-X2 and 4 hours and 25 minutes on the HC-X20.

Two SD Card Slots and Dual Codec Recording

The two SD card slots allow for long continuous shooting: recording media switches automatically and seamlessly from Slot 1 to Slot 2, and users can switch full cards with fresh cards while shooting is ongoing (known as Unlimited Relay Recording4).

Other functions include Simultaneous Recording (identical data is record onto both cards), Background Recording (one card records continuously, the other records necessary scenes when the Rec button is turned on) and Dual Codec Recording5 (simultaneous recording in two different formats i.e. UHD and FHD).

48-kHz/24-bit High Resolution Linear PCM Audio Recording

Two switchable XLR inputs support +48V Phantom Power Supply/MIC/LINE. Audio can also be recorded in 24-bit linear PCM (MOV), 16-bit AAC (MP4) or Dolby Audio (AVCHD).

Broadcast-Ready Image Adjustment

The HC-X2/X20 offer a number of broadcast-grade image adjustment functions, including Soft Skin (automatically adjusts and smoothens skin tones), 16-Axis Independent Colour Correction (allows colour matching for multiple cameras) and 8-Mode Gamma (offers seven gamma presets including two types of CINE-LIKE).

1 35mm camera equivalent.

2 HLG is a standard jointly developed by NHK and the BBC. It is standardized as ARIB STD-B67 or ITU Rec. 2100.

3 Panasonic HC-X1

4 Maximum file size that can be recorded over multiple SD cards is 96 GB. Recording will not stop even when the data size exceeds 96 GB.

5 Only MOV recording supported