GNW10, en gaming høyttaler du plasserer over skuldrene

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Panasonic Introduces new Sound SlayerTM wearable gaming speaker

Go hard in your game, not on your ears!

– 4 speakers for exciting, realistic sensory experience
– Stress-free design for optimal comfort and convenience
– AI voice control for clean, clear communication
– Compatible with Windows 10/11 PCs, PS4/PS5 consoles, and the Nintendo Switch (TV mode only)

Panasonic today announced the GNW10 Sound SlayerTM, a wearable gaming speaker that allows players to level up their game, by immersing themselves in play to experience the real emotion of gaming.

The GNW10’s lightweight, ergonomic design incorporates industry-leading 4-channel speakers, wireless connectivity, and AI voice control to deliver an exciting, stress-free, and lush sensory experience whether you’re going solo or playing with friends.

The GNW10 package combines a wireless, neck-mounted wearable gaming speaker and a separate wireless transmitter. Simply connecting the transmitter to a PC or console via a USB cable creates a wireless connection to the wearable gaming speaker. Compatible with Windows 10/11 PCs, PS4/PS5 consoles, and the Nintendo Switch (TV mode only), the GNW10 system also supports subwoofer input for an ever more powerful soundscape.

Immersive, 3D sound from 4 speakers

Incorporating four newly developed 38mm speakers arranged from front to back, the GNW10 creates realistic sounds from all directions, immersing the player in a deep, layered soundscape1. Furthermore, the new 130cc housing – 60 percent larger than the current SC-GN01 Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System – delivers even more acoustic pressure and substantially more powerful bass for even more immersion.

Compared to conventional headphones which deliver dialog, music, sound effects, and voice communication through only two channels – left and right – thus restricting the depth and intensity of the sensory experience, the GNW10 is a major step forward for gamers.

PC users can download and install the dedicated Sound SlayerTM app for intuitive, easy configuring of multiple functions, including for equalizer, chat volume, and sound mode; users can save up to three different presets.

Furthermore, the GNW10 offers multiple audio modes tailored to enhance game play, ensuring optimal quality for any type of game you choose to play:

Role-Playing Game2 mode—Ideal for role-playing games. This mode creates a sense of reality and intensity—as if you were inside of the game’s virtual world.

First-Person Shooter3 mode—Provides accurate spatial audio which allows users to hear subtle sounds such as footsteps, giving players the advantage in first-person shooter and third-person shooter4 games.

Voice mode—Enhances human voices to provide a truly immersive experience. Recommended for adventure games5, where clear dialog can provide important clues.

Regardless of the game mode, the LED lights incorporated into the GNW10’s housing will add a dash of atmosphere and color to your gameplay.

A light, comfortable design without pressure on ears, har or glasses

GNW10’s neck-mounted wearable gaming speaker is designed for comfort even after long hours of energetic game play.

Panasonic’s designers began by eliminating the discomfort from contact pressure around the ear and top of the head that is common with over-the-ear headphones. Then they identified points of fatigue and discomfort related to neck-mounted devices to create an ergonomic housing that avoids contact with the clavicle and does not place a burden on the trapezius muscles. The result is a lightweight body and exceptionally comfortable fit.

The GNW10 adds a robust wireless connection to allow more freedom of movement and an immersive, latency-free gaming experience. Panasonic’s proprietary wireless technology can transmit 6-channel audio signals on a dedicated 2.4GHz band with a latency of less than 20 milliseconds, providing stress-free and comfortable play even in FPS games with demanding audio latency requirements.

Button placement has been optimized for easy operation, the intuitive layout and functional button shape allowing you to communicate with your co-op partners without losing focus on the game.

AI voice control for clean, clear communication

In the heat of an epic boss fight or silently stalking in stealth mode, the GNW10 will ensure that your friends and co-op partners will never miss a word.

Microphones on both sides of the housing make sure that you can still be heard regardless of which direction your head is turned.

The GNW10 improves upon the SC-GN01 by introducing AI voice control by Intelligo Technology, Inc., offering superior noise-cancelling performance that eliminates ambient noise and ensures that your co-op partners will only hear your voice. Clean and clear communication makes it feel like you’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your gaming friends.

The GNW10 will be available from December 2023.

1 Real surround sound is available for PC only; for consoles virtual surround sound is used.

2 Role-Playing Game: A type of video game genre in which players adopt the roles of imaginary characters in an adventure.

3 First-Person Shooter: A type of video game genre in which the player assumes the field of vision of the character, so that the game camera includes the character’s weapon, but the rest of the character model is not seen.

4 A type of video game genre in which the player assumes a perspective view of the character, typically positioning the camera over the shoulder of the player

5 A type of video game genre characterized by investigation, exploration, puzzle-solving and interactions with game characters, and a focus on narrative rather than reflex-based challenges.