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Be ready for every occasion with MULTISHAPE,

the new men’s modular personal care system from Panasonic

Say goodbye to endless electronic clutter and hello to the new Panasonic MULTISHAPE – the first modular personal care system in the market that gives you the freedom to choose from a range of daily personal care essentials – from head and beard trimming and shaving, to body hair tidying, to ear, nose and facial hair trimming to toothbrushing. This single system with one chargeable battery handle allows you to create a unique combination that fits your very own personal care routine and gives you the flexibility to be ready for every occasion – because we understand life doesn’t stand still. Blending simplicity and sophistication, the MULTISHAPE is environmentally friendly and has been designed to minimise your carbon footprint without making sacrifices to your normal maintenance routine.

Inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goal 12[1]: Responsible Consumption and Production, Panasonic set out to remove unnecessary materials from personal care routines when developing the MULTISHAPE. Instead of a product that comes with dozens of added attachments that would often never be touched and consume precious resources, the MULTISHAPE has only one rechargeable battery at the handle taking care of multiple personal care functions – that are selected by you – using only resources that are truly needed.

The selectable nature of MULTISHAPE doesn’t only benefit the environment, it also gives you the flexibility to change and upgrade the maintenance functions with different attachment heads as your personal care needs evolve. A system truly designed to accompany you through your personal care journey – whether you are looking to nail that professional look for work, tidy yourself up for a weekend with the family, or want to show your most authentic self at a dinner date. Quality and durability are at the heart of this system to keep you looking your best day-in, day-out – all five attachment heads offered are packed with Panasonic’s innovative engineering and premium craftmanship: Every trimmer and shaver features Panasonic’s cutting-edge Japanese blade technology whilst the shaver uses nano-sharpened stainless-steel blades. The five heads available to be purchased separately depending on your own preferences are:

  • Beard/Hair Trimmer Head – precision trimming down to 0.5mm made possible by specialised blade and engineering, this trimmer head is especially made for those areas that require precision – head hair, beard, around the ears and the sideburns. Simple to control with an adjustment dial that gives trimming options from 0.5mm to 20mm with two additional comb attachments and safe for use in the shower.
  • Beard/Hair/Body Trimmer Head – fitted with a wider blade of the same quality and sharpness, this trimmer head is specialised for speed when trimming head hair or other larger areas and the length can be adjusted by 0.5mm increments from 0.5mm to 30mm. It comes with four additional comb attachments including one specific for trimming body hair and is waterproof for use in the shower.
  • 3-Blade Shaver Head – features multi-fit arc and three individual floating blades to fit uniformly and snuggly around the contour of the face for a close and even shave that is comfortable for the skin. It’s great for creating individual beard styles and for cleaning the neck when you have stubble or a longer beard.
  • Nose/Ear/Facial Trimmer Head – built for comfortable trimming for areas as sensitive as the nose, this trimmer head is fitted with double-edged cutting blades to efficiently trim without pulling. The vacuum function cleans up stray hair and the specialised Vortex Cleaning System uses water to easily and thoroughly clean the trimmer head.
  • Electric Toothbrush Head – uses sonic vibration technology and comes with two types of brush heads. The ultra-fine bristle brush uses 0.02mm bristles to reach into periodontal pockets and provide deep cleaning that efficiently removes plaque and bacteria from in between and around the teeth while being gentle on the teeth and gum. The multi-fit brush is uniquely designed with tufts of flat bristles on both edges and in the middle of the brush so as to thoroughly clean. It comes with a protective cap to keep the brushes hygienic.

 Please see supplementary information sheet for more detail on each of the battery handles and attachment heads.

Doing away with multiple devices, chargers and batteries while providing a premium customisable personal care experience, the MULTISHAPE delivers this flexibility while considering the environment. When the time comes to replace a particular unit, individual parts can be easily replaced without the need to throw away the entire product, preventing scarce rare earth minerals and other materials in the battery from needlessly being thrown away.

Furthermore, the MULTISHAPE features a bespoke minimalist and sleek design, is light, compact and easy-to-carry and comes with a travel pouch, allowing you to look your best on the go, whether seeing family and friends, on a romantic getaway, attending a wedding or a work trip.

Using innovative technology and Japanese engineering and craftmanship to deliver personal care products that help you look and feel your most authentic self – these are the qualities that make Panasonic Japan’s No.1 electronic personal care brand* and are what make the new MULTISHAPE key to your personal care routine.

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[1] The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.