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Panasonic has today unveiled two new Soundbars, the SC-HTB250 and SC-HTB200, expanding its Home Theatre Audio System line-up. Incredibly compact, the new full-range speakers are designed to easily fit on your existing TV stand or under your TV. These sleek, stylish speakers bring together high-end style with high-end audio, producing a dynamic, life-like and rich sound within the home.

The SC-HTB250 Soundbar also features a wireless subwoofer which can be placed either vertically or horizontally, offering increased flexibility as the slim and stylish design fits into virtually any room interior. This allows everyone to enjoy a theatre-audio experience. The SC-HTB250 and SC-HTB200 Soundbars both come with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, so you can also stream your music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet to your Soundbar.

Unbelievably compact design, ideal fit for Panasonic TVs
The compact design of the two new Soundbars sits neatly between TV stands and fits comfortably under the TV frame, allowing for clutter-free viewing and perfect integration with your Panasonic TV. The simple and elegant form of the Soundbars complement your TV without obscuring your view, thanks to their slim and stylish profile.

Powerful, high-quality sound from a compact body
Panasonic’s years of experience in audio technology and speaker design are truly reflected in the SC-HTB250 and SC-HTB200 Soundbars. Both these speakers produce such high-quality sounds, it can be hard to imagine how this is possible from such a compact body size.

Combining two full-range speakers equipped with Panasonic’s advanced sound technologies, realistic sound surrounds the listener with clear acoustics, stereophonic effects, and incredible sound power. Featuring two 10x4cm full-range speakers designed to match the compact body, the speaker system produces higher quality and more powerful sound to accompany TV programmes and movies. The H.bass function enhances low-frequency range and sound-enhancing functions such as Virtual Surround, Music, and Cinema modes to optimise the acoustic effects and bring realism to all kinds of content.

For greater depth to the high-quality sound, look no further than the wireless subwoofer included with the SC-HTB250. Configured vertically or horizontally, the wireless subwoofer adds to the realistic sensation of the movies or music you enjoy.
In addition, the Bass Reflex function of the SC-HTB250 boosts the robust, low-frequency tones.

Flexible set-up to match your lifestyle at home
The new Soundbars are ready to be used throughout your home and can be controlled via the simple Bluetooth system via a range of mobile devices. Whether you’re using your tablet to listen to internet radio, or your smartphone to listen to your favourite music or podcasts, the Soundbars are ready to go with any paired Bluetooth device. If the TV and Soundbar are connected via HDMI CEC, the TV & Soundbar operations can be handled by a single remote control.

Soundbar Specs:

SC-HTB250 Main Features
● 2.1-channel Amp
● 120W (RMS 10% THD)
● 10 x 4cm Full Range Speaker x2
● 14cm External Subwoofer x1
● Bass Reflex
● Virtual Surround
● Sound mode (standard/music/cinema)
● Bluetooth
● Dolby Digital
● DTS Digital Surround
● Wireless Subwoofer
● Layout-free Wireless Subwoofer (Vertical / Horizontal)

SC-HTB200 Main Features
● 2-channel Amp
● 80W (RMS 10% THD)
● 10 x 4cm Full Range Speaker ×2
● Bass Reflex
● Virtual Surround
● Sound mode (standard/music/cinema)
● Bluetooth Wireless Technology
● Dolby Digital
● DTS Digital Surround


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