Uusi objektiivi Lumix S -sarjaan

LUMIX S 26mm F8 (S-R26). Lue lisää englanninkielisinä.

Panasonic is pleased to announce the new LUMIX S 26mm F8 (S-R26), an incredibly compact and lightweight full frame lens. The slim design enhances portability, without compromising on high resolution and outstanding image quality.

With a fixed focal length of 26mm, F-stop of F8, and manual focus, this new pancake lens is designed for the enjoyment of casual and creative shooting. Perfect for spontaneously capturing fleeting moments, the 26mm delivers unique results compared to the existing line-up of LUMIX S Series wide-angle, fixed focal length lenses.

 A new fixed focal length pancake lens in the LUMIX S Series

  • Manual focus allows creators to take full control of their own personal style of content creation
  • The lens has a wide angle of 26mm and a fixed F-stop of F8

Compact, lightweight lens perfect for everyday 

  • Ultimate portability with a thin and lightweight body that fits into your pocket
  • Easy to carry around and start shooting at a moment’s notice, making it ideal for spontaneous snapshots
  • Overall length of approximately 18.1mm and a weight of approximately 58g/0.13lb.

・ This lens is for manual focus only, fixed at F8. The camera’s AF setting, and some MF assist functions cannot be used.

・ External filters cannot be attached.

・ L-Mount is a trademark or registered trademark of Leica Camera AG.

Coming Soon:

A new compact wide zoom lens: LUMIX S 18-40mm F4.5-6.3

 A new LUMIX S 18-40mm F4.5-6.3 lens is coming to the full frame LUMIX S Series lens line-up soon. A compact and versatile zoom lens ideal for daily use, the upcoming 18-40mm has a closest shooting distance of 0.15m/0.49ft. This lens covers focal lengths from an ultra-wide angle of 18mm to a semi-standard 40mm, allowing for the flexibility to capture expansive landscapes and buildings or portrait shots in a natural perspective.

・ Design and specifications are subject to change without notice