Air-to-Air Heatpumps

Panasonic has developed a range of products designed for you, better than ever before. Panasonic heating and cooling systems are designed to provide more than just heating and cooling comfort to homes. They save energy. They purify your surroundings. They adjust heating and cooling power to suit your living spaces and styles especially suitable for the special nordic climate, which are built to give high heating capacities even at -30°C .

Systems for use in domestic applications with 1 to 1 combinations (1 indoor and 1 outdoor unit), can be used with a variety of indoor units: Wall Mounted, Cassette, Duct, Floor Console.With combinations of 2 to 5 indoor units (including wall mounted, cassette, ducted and floor standing systems), the Free Multi is capable of connecting to various types of indoor unit with differing capacities. For maximum flexibility and customisation the Free Multi has the answer.