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ES-LL21 ja ES-LL41 on varustettu terävillä ja kestävillä japanilaisilla terillä. Lue lisää englanninkielisinä.

Perfectly Groomed: Panasonic’s new ES-LL Shavers and ER-EN Trimmer

  • Hybrid, multi-grooming shavers with advanced cutting performance for clean shaving and beard styling in one tool
  • Nose and facial hair trimmer features smooth, pain-free and safe cutting
  • Advanced cutting performance thanks to precise, super-sharp and durable Japanese blades

Panasonic has announced the launch of its newest three blade shavers – ES-LL21 and LL41 and the ER-GN300 nose and facial hair trimmer, delivering more power and precision to the Panasonic grooming range.

The new shaver models have been created with a multi-purpose function, where a single device provides clean shaving and beard styling, replacing several tools for the same great result. Panasonic’s new nose hair trimmer, with its powerful high torque motor and extremely sharp blades, enables a smooth, no pull, enjoyable cut. Designed with Japanese blade technology, all three devices feature a sharp blade that’s precise and durable.   

Multitasking meets innovation: Styling the modern beard

The new ES-LL41 and LL21 shavers have been designed for men who want to enjoy different beard styles, from a gentle but close shave to a stylish beard. The popularity of facial hair is continuing to rise; therefore, Panasonic has created two single units which are multi-functional to achieve the desired beard design.

The ES-LL41 shaver comes with two additional trimming attachments; providing a total of seven length adjustments to suit all types of beards. The pop-up trimmer ensures detailed grooming for sideburns and moustaches, for a fast and comfortable shave.

Both shavers are powered by an impressive linear motor which delivers 13,000 cycles per minute, alongside acute 45-degree trimmer blades, the new devices are designed to give the smoothest and cleanest shave every time. Additional nano polished inner blades are positioned at a 30-degree angle, resulting in even the toughest of hairs being removed from the root for a polished finish.

User-centric design

The innovative multi-fit arc blade has been created by Panasonic, so the ES shavers follow the contours of the face. The round-shaped outer foils fit uniformly against the skin, even under the chin, to provide a close shave over the entire surface.

Created with an all-new shaving sensor to reduce skin irritation, the new shavers can automatically detect beard density and adjust the shaving power accordingly. Their ergonomic design enables shaving in the most natural position without placing strain on the elbow or wrist. The curved S-form has been created to fit neatly into the hand and the D-shaped body provides a natural fit, so it can be held for a long duration without tiring the arm.

The shavers have also been designed to suit different lifestyle habits to accommodate busy schedules when time is tight. A single hourly charge enables continuous use for 50 minutes, with a LED indicator display to notify the battery charging status and current capacity. For further convenience, the waterproof design allows for easy and hygienic maintenance, where it can be rinsed under running water and even used in the shower.

ER-GN300 nose trimmer: Simplicity meets comfort for smoothest and cleanest performance

The newly designed ER-GN300 nose trimmer has been created with the functions of two popular models (ER-GN30 and ER430) now integrated into one high-end design. With a new and improved torque motor, dual edge Japanese blades and vacuum function in the trimmer, the ER-GN300 is perfectly suited for an efficient, safe and clean capture of all hairs.

To provide that sharp, yet clean cut, the inner and outer blades are precisely aligned to the optimum degree to ensure the smoothest trim. Additionally, the high torque motor, which is 300%* more powerful than the previous model, ensures even thick, hard, dense hairs are neatly cut without snagging or pulling. And thanks to the advanced suction power in the vacuum function, there is no scattering of cut hair in or around the nose.

Taking health into consideration, Panasonic’s nose trimmer was made to remove visible nose hairs while leaving a suitable amount to fulfil its function as a filter. Made of stainless steel to ensure prolonged sharpness and rust resistance, the trimmer has been created with longevity in mind.

The multi-functional dual edge blade allows for precise cutting and a comfortable trim. Cutting is possible with the top and both sides of the blade, ensuring no long hairs are missed. So whether it’s the eyebrows, moustache or beard which needs careful shaping, the ER-GN300 trimmer is perfectly suited.

Maximum control & comfort

The new trimmer has been designed so it provides a natural fit in the hand, with every aspect created for user comfort and convenience. Positioned with an angled ergonomic design, it enables hair capture across all areas. In addition, the outer safety cone guides hair into the blades and prevents skin contact to protect against cuts and injury. The Nose Hair Trimmer’s washable design also makes it possible to rinse thoroughly after use without the trouble of removing the blades.

Sleek and minimalistic, the ER-GN300 design can match any interior with its stainless-steel features and textured metal to give it a sophisticated finish that blends into every bathroom.

*Motor Torque: 300% up compared to the ER-GN30, 10% up compared to the ER430.