TMAX5, den mobila ljudanläggningen för festen

Oavsett om du har din fest ute eller inne är TMAX5 ljudanläggningen du behöver. Läs mer i vår engelska version.

TMAX5 Party Anywhere, with No Limits!

  • Sound – compact party speaker with 150W power
  • Smart – maximum smartphone integration
  • Portable – party anywhere 

Panasonic is pleased to announce a new addition to its TMAX Party Speaker range:

SC-TMAX5 – the most compact model in the line-up, that can party hard – despite its modest proportions.

Getting the party started with TMAX5 is easy, thanks to the powerful sound and light performance it packs into its compact form. Designed for both home and outdoor use, TMAX5 has plenty more features to excite.

TMAX5 Top 5:

  1. Powerful clear sound – 16cm Woofer with Dual Drive & Bass Reflex Port
  2. Qi Fast Wireless Charging – for Qi compatible smartphones
  3. Connect 3 phones at once – with Bluetooth®
  4. Power Bank* compatibility – party anywhere
  5. Portable – with integrated carry handles

TMAX5 will appeal to people whose love of dancing and music isn’t constrained by a lack of vision of where to enjoy it.

* Sold separately, at least 2Amp, 5Volts. Sound output: up to  50% of max AC operation level.

Sound investment

Compact party speaker, cracking sound

A speaker, no matter the size, won’t cut it at parties unless it delivers powerful sound:

“At Panasonic, when designing audio products, we always start with sound. Party speakers are all about driving bass, we made sure that the TMAX5 is no wallflower.” Mathias Noetzold, Product Manager Audio/Video, Panasonic Marketing Europe.

With a staggering 150W RMS (THD 30%) / 1650W (PMPO) Power Output from its two built-in digital amps, TMAX5 punches way above its weight. Why should those short on space, be short on top tunes?

TMAX5 is packed with extra features to deliver that crucial party sound:

  • Dual Voice Coil & Dual Drive System – two digital amps drive the 16cm woofer. The Bass Reflex Port channels sound waves while suppressing unnecessary echo, boosting the bass for a dynamic powerful sound.
  • Twin 5cm Tweeters – so music will never sound flat. Vocals, synths, guitars and high-hats add the crisp detail demanded by today’s tunes.
  • Bass – uses digital tech to give bass tones an extra kick – giving an even more muscular sound for the dancefloor.
  • Local Preset Equaliser – pick one of TMAX5’s settings to adjust the mix of treble, mid and bass – as well as sense of space to suit the most popular genres from rock to reggae and beyond.

Smart as a whip

Party Smartly

TMAX5’s buyers won’t be bringing CDs to a party – their whole life, including their music, is on their phones:

“Integration with the smartphone is critical – as that’s how TMAX buyers consume music. Now three phones can be shared at once on TMAX5.” Michael Friedrich, General Manager Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe.

This is why TMAX5 connects up to 3 smartphones at the same with Bluetooth®. So, parties will never run short of tunes, and the joy of discovering new music can be shared.

There are no worries about a mobile battery running low just as the party gets started. With contactless Qi Fast Wireless Charging* just place the phone on top of TMAX5 so it charges, while still playing, through the powerful speakers.

TMAX5 doesn’t stop there:

  • MAX Juke App – users can DJ at their own party, controlling TMAX5 with Bluetooth®. Pick and play songs in selected order, from 3 compatible devices, including sources like YouTube.
  • USB Playback – not everything’s available on mobile, so compatible files can be played direct from USB stick, bringing tracks to life with TMAX5’s impressive floor-filling sound.
  • Multi-Colour Edge Illumination – great tunes need a lightshow for a true club feel. TMAX5’s bass speaker is trimmed with LED lights. Naturally, the lights pulse in sync with the beat. Ten additional patterns can be chosen from the MAX Juke

* Qi Wireless Charging, up to 10W, for one Qi Compatible smartphone.

Portable – party without limits

Made to move with you

The latest addition to the TMAX Party Speaker family, the compact TMAX5, is naturally easy to move around, to take music everywhere:

“Why be tied to mains power, or only have one way of using TMAX? Although we’d like every day to be a holiday, TMAX needs to fit regular life too – so we made it flexible.” Mathias Noetzold, Product Manager Audio/Video, Panasonic Marketing Europe.

TMAX5 is made to be moved, it can be placed vertically or horizontally. Maybe lie it flat on a shelf for everyday use – but to stand it up vertically when friends come around.

TMAX keeps on moving:

  • Carry Handles – neatly integrated into the body, and weighing only 7kg, TMAX5 is made to be moved.
  • Power Bank* – party in the garden, or soundtrack the sunset from an apartment block roof-top? No mains power is no problem for TMAX5 – it won’t be tied down. Simply connect a power bank to go.

*Sold separately. At least 2Amp, 5Volts. Sound output: up to  50% of max AC operation level.

So, who buys party speakers?

Party speakers have great appeal for younger people, such as students. A product like TMAX5 is ideal for them – fitting neatly into a student’s room by day and then unleashed at weekends for parties.