Större kapacitet och slimmad design i våra nya mikrovågsugnar

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Panasonic is proud to announce the launch of a variety of new kitchen products to celebrate fresh food and enhance your wellbeing, all from the comfort of your own home. The products include five new Slimline Microwave Ovens and a newly redesigned generation of breadmaker that make experiencing fresh food preparation an easy and convenient process for busy families, baking-enthusiasts and passionate foodies.

Creating, enjoying and sharing fresh food is a great way to make you and your loved ones feel great from the inside, out, so providing the tools to maintain fresh cooking for busy lifestyles is at the heart of Panasonic’s latest innovations.

Slim Microwaves that make a BIG impact

The newest microwaves in the Panasonic portfolio have been designed to make a big impact in food preparation, while taking up less time and countertop space. The Slimline Microwave Range boasts a compact design, by moving the fan system from the back of the microwave to the top, which enables a bigger cavity and turntable. This adaption is why the turntable size of the Slimline Microwaves is 34cm where the microwave takes up 20% less countertop space than previous models.

Not only can you save countertop space with the new models, you can also reduce the amount of time and effort required to experience fresh food preparation, all by the click of a button.

Each model within the combination range has been designed to create fresh gourmet food with ultimate convenience through the use of Inverter Technology. This innovation has been created with Panasonic’s famous Japanese Precision technology to produce controlled, gentle and even cooking of food for quicker and better quality results. The Inverter Technology features precise power control, which means consistent cooking; a fantastic benefit for parents required to heat baby food, or for those who need a microwave that can be trusted to thoroughly cook meals while they continue their daily actions. Delicate foods are also not overcooked and valuable nutrients are preserved.

Families can also benefit from the new Junior Menu built into the advanced Slimline range. The Junior Menu (UK models: NN-CD58J (Stainless Steel), NN-CT57J (Silver), NN-CT56J (Black), NN-CT55/54J (White)) includes eight easy to use auto options which have been designed to speed up cooking time for busy parents and get the most from fresh and healthy recipes. Pureeing fruit and vegetables for babies, defrosting frozen meals, cooking the family’s favourite pasta bake, perfecting healthy flapjacks for school snacks will no longer be a time consuming process with the new Slimline Microwaves.

Become Your Own Chief-Baker with the Hard Crust Breadmaker

The smell of freshly baked bread filling your home is undoubtedly one of the simplest comforts, but this indulgence just became easier as Panasonic unveils a completely new generation breadmaker.

Panasonic’s Hard Crust Breadmaker combines comforting home baked scents with the satisfaction of cutting into a fresh crusty loaf created by yourself, all while you’re at work, completing daily chores or even overnight while you’re sleeping!

It will turn your baking dreams into reality to create, share and enjoy bakery-quality loaves from the comfort of your own kitchen. The multiple baking options help to produce a variety of fresh loaves to suit all occasions and dietary requirements; from gluten free to even creating your own jams, ready to spread on your home baked morning toast.

Making your own bread at the click of a button brings many benefits. You can control what ingredients are being used, boosting healthy lifestyles for those who are looking to cut back on the sugar found in pre-baked loaves. All while eliminating the stress of kneading and proving dough yourself so you can feel great, inside and out.

The Panasonic Hardcrust Breadmaker features an oval tin and technology to create crisp crusts to enhance the artisanal style of the home baked loaves.

Launching in Autumn 2018, it boasts a sleek, modern design and is available in two colours to fit your personal kitchen style (black and white).