Nya LUMIX G100, när du vill visa något för hela världen

Den bästa spegelfria kameran någonsin för Vloggning och skapande av kreativt videoinnehåll. Läs mer i vår engelska version.

Panasonic is excited to announce its latest mirrorless camera, the LUMIX G100. Specially aimed at vloggers and content creators, it’s exactly the tool you need for sharing your story.

With a super lightweight and compact body, the G100 removes the need for bulky camera equipment, while fantastic image and video performance means you don’t need to compromise on quality.

  • The ideal choice for vloggers and content creators
  • Stand out from the rest with superior image and video quality
  • Stunning sound with world-first OZO Audio by Nokia microphone technology for mirrorless cameras
  1. Boost your video quality

You can produce, smooth, high-resolution 4K or Full HD video in a variety of frame rates to meet your every requirement. In a world where many content creators are using smartphones, you can stand above the rest by using the G100 for superior image quality.

With a sensor much larger than you’ll find in a smartphone, you’ll be able to capture fantastic images and video in a number of different situations. Clear shots are possible even at night, or in dimly-lit home conditions. The larger MFT sensor also helps to create beautifully blurred backgrounds for that professional look, too.

A powerful 5-axis Hybrid image stabilizer[1] really comes into play when making  videos while moving, resulting in a much smoother, polished and comfortable experience for your viewers. Whether you’re walking around your house, riding your bike, or even shooting from a vehicle, you can rely on the G100 to keep things steady.

Premium sound quality is assured too. The LUMIX G100 includes an integrated OZO Audio by Nokia sound system – the first mirrorless camera in the world to offer such an advanced feature[2]. Three internal microphones record clear and vibrant sound which is as realistic as being there. The G100 also tracks the voice of a detected person, automatically switching to the most appropriate sound mode for the situation. With this versatile audio technology your sound will be so good that there’s no longer any need to invest in a separate external microphone.

  1. Special features

Whatever kind of content you want to create, the G100 has a mode for you. The new Video Selfie Mode is the perfect example. With it, both you and the background are captured perfectly in focus without adjustments needed.

Special video effects are simple to achieve. Slow motion and Time Lapse are easy to create, while advanced vloggers will be pleased to learn that V-Log L is installed and LUT’s (Look Up Tables) can be applied in post-production.

Take advantage of Panasonic’s fantastic 4K Photo functionality to capture split-second moments. Shoot at 30fps and extract only the frame you need for perfect action shots, every time.

  1. Balanced ergonomics and usability

Weighing just 422g[3], the G100 is light and compact enough to fit into your life with ease.

Compose your images through the high-resolution viewfinder, or if you prefer, use the high-resolution three-inch screen. The touch-screen monitor conveniently rotates and twists to help you shoot from every angle, not only making selfies easy, but also being perfect for effortlessly recording vlogs with you as the star.

Vloggers can also take advantage of the Frame Marker, which keeps check of your composition in various popular aspect ratios, while the REC Frame Indicator displays an eye-catching red frame to show at a glance when the camera is recording.

A new Tripod Grip DMW-SHGR1[4] can be added to make it even easier to hold the camera while recording vlogs – it can also be used as a compact tripod. Connecting with the camera via USB, you can use the Tripod Grip to start/stop video recording, release the shutter and enable or disable Sleep mode.

For power bursts on the go, USB charging of the G100 is included.

  1. Share your story with easy connectivity

The LUMIX G100 integrates both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing of your best stories.

A dedicated upload button starts transferring videos and photos to your smartphone ready for sharing on your favorite social networks via the free LUMIX Sync app for iOS and Android.

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.2) allows your smartphone and camera to be constantly connected with minimum power consumption. Use your smartphone to activate the camera or add GPS geotags to your photos automatically.

You can also use your smartphone as a remote controller for both video recording and photo shooting.

.Tripod Grip (DMW-SHGR1)

A compact. lightweight handgrip / mini tripod allowing start/stop video recording and shutter release via USB connection.

Compatibility: DC-G100/G110, GH5*,GH5S*,G95/G90* and G80/G81/G85*

* Firmware update of the camera is required. Sleep button cannot be used.

・Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

[1] When using an interchangeable lens (H-FS12032 or H-FS35100) released before this camera, update the firmware of the lens to the latest version.

[2] For a digital interchangeable lens system camera, as of June 24, 2020.

[3] Including LUMIX G VARIO 12-32mm (H-FS12032)

[4] Tripod Grip is bundled in DC-G100V / DC-G110V kit. It is also sold separately.