Ny Lumix G kamera, GX9, fantastisk teknologi i ett kompakt format

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Panasonic has today introduced a new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) camera in a compact, sleek design. The Lumix GX9 lets users shoot vibrant, true-to-life high-quality images with excellent resolution and impressive colour reproduction. Building on Panasonic’s rich heritage of superior DSLM cameras, the Lumix GX9 boasts a host of great features and is perfect for amateur photographers wanting a professional experience. With its compact body and high-end technology, the Lumix GX9 is an excellent companion for seekers of the authentic street-style picture.

The 20.3 megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor comes without a low-pass filter to ensure the greatest details are captured and an optimised gradation setting provides a wide dynamic range. Three-dimensional Colour Control detects hue, saturation levels and brightness individually and achieves truest colour reproduction from dark to bright parts of the image, which especially improves the expression of skies or human skin. The Venus Engine renders high-precision yet natural looking images. Even in low-light situations, clear image rendering is secured by the Lumix GX9’s Multi Process Noise reduction routine, which identifies noise accurately and preserves details precisely.

Capture small, authentic moments with speed, consideration and precision

The Contrast AF System features Depth From Defocus (DFD) technology and excels in both speed and accuracy by exchanging a digital signal between the camera and the lens at a maximum 240 frames per second (fps) . As a result, the Lumix GX9 achieves high-speed AF of approximately 0.07 sec and high-speed burst shooting at 9 fps (AFS) / 6 fps (AFC) to capture fast-moving subjects in-focus.

A variety of AF functions including Face/Eye Detection AF and the popular Pinpoint AF function enhance usability to comply with wide-ranging shooting situations. The advanced Low Light AF makes it possible to set focus on the subject more precisely even without the AF assist lamp in extremely low-lit situations down to -4EV. Furthermore, Starlight AF allows users to shoot a star in the sky at night with auto focus. The Lumix GX9 achieves this by accurate calculation of contrast value in a smaller AF zone.

To help ensure the best shot is taken, the Lumix GX9 integrates a new LVF (Live View Finder) that tilts up 80-degrees, offering an extraordinary shooting style – especially for subjects below eye-level. The Live View Finder Eye Sensor AF starts auto focusing as soon as it’s in use to ensure no shooting opportunity is missed. With 2760K-dot equivalent high-resolution and almost 100% colour reproduction, this 16:9 Wide Screen LVF boasts 1.39x / 0.7x (35mm camera equiv.) magnification and 100% field of view.

To save power, the camera includes a new feature which makes it automatically enter sleep mode at a designated time after detecting the eye is off the Viewfinder eye sensor. Users can quickly go back into shooting mode with a half-press of the shutter button. A long battery life of approximately 900 images per battery charge is achieved by this power-saving LVF.

The new 3.0-inch large, 1240K-dot high resolution touch monitor tilts up by 80-degrees and down by 45-degrees, which enables shooting in either high or low angles even easier. Live View Boost allows to check the composition on the screen even in total darkness by boosting the sensitivity.

Image Stabilisation – for perfect shots on the go

For greater precision, the Lumix GX9 incorporates 5-axis Dual I.S. (Image Stabiliser) for more effective suppression of blur. Combining an O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabiliser, 2-axis) and a B.I.S. (Body Image Stabiliser, 5-axis), the 5-axis Dual I.S. compensates for a larger range of movement, making it possible to use 4-stop slower shutter speed . Users can enjoy blur-free photo/video shooting from wide to tele, even in low-light situations.

The 5-axis Dual I.S. works in both photo and motion picture recording including 4K video. Panasonic Lumix G DSLM Cameras offer a wide variety of digital interchangeable lenses and most of them are going to comply with this 5-axis dual I.S. in Lumix GX9 and the B.I.S. compensates for camera movement even when a lens without O.I.S. is used.

To further reduce motion blur, the LumixGX9’s shutter unit incorporates an electromagnetic drive, which reduces the risk of shutter shock by approximately 90%6. For street photographers who need to minimise disrupting their subjects, the sound of the mechanical shutter is also reduced in volume. For further reduction in noise, Silent Mode switches the shutter from mechanical to electronic and turns all sound (AF, operation) off while suppressing the emission of the AF assist lamp and flash with just a single setting; perfect for special shooting occasions.

Sophisticated 4K Capabilities
With its high-speed signal readout and processing of the engine, the Lumix GX9 is capable of recording smooth, high-resolution 4K video in 3840×2160 at 30p / 25p(50Hz Area) 30p(60Hz Area) or 24p in MP4. Taking advantage of 4K technology, users can also capture the fleeting photo opportunities at 30 fps in 8-megamixel equivalent resolution to save it as a 4K PHOTO.

Choosing the best shot out of hundreds of frames is now easier with a new Auto Marking function. It allows the user to jump to a frame where the difference is obvious between consequent frames to minimise the time for choosing the best shot.

The Sequence Composition function makes it possible to make a stromotion image by combining multiple images shot in fixed frames with 4K PHOTO. A unique image reflecting the subject’s motion can be produced easily without needing special retouching process.

The Lumix GX9 also comes with a Post Focus function that lets users select the in-focus area even after shooting. This is helpful in situations like macro shooting where strict focusing is required or for changing expressions by changing the focused subject.

The Focus Stacking function enables users to adjust the depth of field after shooting by combining multiple images shot with the Post Focus function in the camera. Users do not need to focus strictly while shooting as they can obtain the image with the defocus level that they want or pan-focus the image by simply selecting the focus area after shooting. This is beneficial when shooting macro shots of insects, small accessories, and so on.

In addition, the Lumix GX9 incorporates Light Composition function as a new option of 4K PHOTO mode. The camera combines the images by choosing and saving the brighter pixel. This makes it possible to produce more luxurious, dramatic images of situations such as fireworks or night scenery with ease.

The Lumix GX9 also enables 4K Live Cropping in video recording that realises stable panning or zooming in video recording. In panning shots, users can set the viewing angle to start and end to get smooth panning imagery without using special equipment like a slider. It is also possible to set the after-zoomed viewing angle first, so that the subject can be perfectly in the frame. Thanks to the digital operation, the imagery of zooming is smooth because it does not physically move the zoom lens.

*1 About motion picture recording / 4K Photo recording
– Use a card with SD Speed Class with ”Class 4” or higher when recording motion pictures.
– Use a card with SD Speed Class with ”UHS-I UHS Speed Class 3 (U3)” when recording motion pictures with [MP4] in [4K] or [4K PHOTO].
(SD speed class is the speed standard regarding continuous writing.)
– Recording stops when the continuous recording time exceeds 29 minutes and 59 seconds with [AVCHD] in Europe.
– Recording stops when the continuous recording time exceeds 29 minutes and 59 seconds with [MP4] in [FHD] [HD] You can continue recording without interruption even if the file size exceeds 4 GB, but the motion picture file will be divided and recorded/played back separately.
– Recording stops when the continuous recording time exceeds 29 minutes and 59 seconds with [MP4] in [4K].
– When using an SDHC memory card: You can continue recording without interruption even if the file size exceeds 4 GB, but the motion picture file will be divided and recorded/played back separately.
– When using an SDXC memory card: You can record a motion picture in a single file.
– When the ambient temperature is high or continuous recording is performed, the camera may stop the recording to protect itself. Wait until the camera cools down.
*2 For [4K] video output, use an HDMI cable that has the HDMI logo on it, and that is described as”4K compatible”.

Intuitive Creativity – improved body details, new filter

For more intuitive control, an exposure dial has been included for quick change of exposure setting. A Focus lever has also been added to the back side of the camera, enabling users to change between AFS (AFF), AFC and manual focus without diving into a menu.

For further creative freedom, Focus and Aperture Bracketing have been added. With Focus Bracketing, a maximum of 999 images can be shot with different focal distances. Aperture Bracketing lets users have multiple shots with different depth of field. Users can later choose the shot with the best focus level or most fitting depth of field characteristic.

Also new to the Lumix GX9 is the option to shoot photos with and without creative filter options applied simultaneously. RAWs can be developed in the camera, allowing independence from access to a computer. Sophisticated modes, such as Multi exposure and Time lapse shot/ stop motion animation are also available in the Lumix GX9.


The Lumix GX9 integrates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi® connectivity to offer a more flexible shooting experience and instant image sharing. Once the camera is connected to a smartphone or tablet installed with Panasonic’s dedicated application software Panasonic Image App for iOS / Android, users can shoot, browse and share images remotely. Compatibility with Bluetooth 4.2 (called BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy) enables constant connection with a smartphone/tablet with minimum power consumption. This enables the camera to activate by simply using a smartphone/tablet or to add GPS geotag on the photos automatically.

Setting the new standard for Panasonic’s DSLM Cameras, the Lumix GX9 is the perfect companion to save eternal memories and share your daily life in your own creative way.

Eye Cup DMW-EC5 (sold separately)
The LUMIX GX9 complies with a variety of optional accessories to expand the shooting experience. The Eye Cup DMW-EC5 is available making it even more comfortable to see the LVF.

Hand Grip DMW-HGR2 (sold separately)
The Hand Grip DMW-HGR2 enhances grip power for more stable shooting especially when using an ultra-telephoto lens or a large-diameter lens. It is designed to match sleek camera profile.

DMW Series Camera Bags: Shoulder, Compact Shoulder and Backpack (all sold separately)
Each Camera Bag is the perfect accessory to protect the LUMIX GX9. All are highly-durable, have a Water-Resistant Base, Protective Flap Design, Quick Release Buckles and Side Stretch Pockets.

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