Bakemaskinen som gir deg brød med knasende sprø skorpe

SD-ZP2000 gir deg muligheten til å variere brødbakingen din enda mer. Les mer i vår informasjon på engelsk.

Panasonic Presents First Hard Crust Bread Maker “Croustina” (SD-ZP2000)  

  • Elegantly designed with the European customer in mind, the new bread maker creates authentic oval shaped crispy crust, as if fresh from the local bakery
  • Delicious hard crust bread is made possible thanks to next generation baking, kneading and dough-rising technology
  • Home bakers can craft a versatile selection of breads, cakes, fruity jam and fresh pizza dough with multiple auto-programmes

In a society where time is precious and experiences are everything, crafting bespoke breads and bakes to enjoy with friends and family couldn’t be easier than with the launch of the new Panasonic ‘Croustina’ Hard Crust Bread Maker, the ZP2000.

Invigorate Family Mealtimes

Baking bread in the home can truly excite the senses; comforting aromas filling your household rooms and the mouth-watering taste of warm baked bread are undoubtedly uplifting.

From Autumn 2018, baking enthusiasts can satisfy their desire for texture and bite in an authentic hard crust loaf of bread baked in their very own home, thanks to “Croustina” – Panasonic’s new innovative Bread Maker.

Building on 30 years of baking innovation experience, Croustina inspires effortless culinary creativity by combining three key baking innovations; enabling even the most amateur baker to create a delicious loaf that will convert any household into ‘crust connoisseurs’’.

Catering for family mealtimes and social occasions couldn’t be simpler than with Croustina’s 18 convenient auto-programmes for baking everything from cakes, pizza dough and jam to gluten-free breads, at the touch of a button.

With quality at the heart of Croustina, you can also eliminate unnecessary additives, sugar and salt found in shop-bought loaves by choosing your own healthy ingredients for the ultimate fresh experience in the home.

Enrich the Senses with Texture

According to Dr Morgaine Gaye who has partnered with Panasonic to consult on the future of food, texture is one of the biggest trends and the Croustina has been specifically designed to cater for this.

“We live in a world that is increasingly virtual and streamlined, flat, thin or digital. We look to texture for added interest and satisfaction; so, texture is rising to the forefront, especially in foods, with an increasing focus on the importance of mouthfeel, as well as taste.”

Creating the perfect hard crust by hand requires a tougher dough, but with Croustina there’s no need to spend hours kneading and shaping. The optimized kneading blade holds and stretches the dough whilst it catches against the in-built ribs of the specially designed oval baking pan. This achieves consistent results that imitate the even kneading of skilled artisans, creating crisp, crunchy crusts for the optimal eating experience.

Unique Temperature Sensors for Optimal Results

When Croustina switches on, two unique temperature sensors work in unison to ensure the dough rises consistently during fermentation.

Croustina cleverly uses information from both sensors to select the optimum programme to rise and rest the dough in any environment. One sensor measures the internal temperature of the bread maker, while a unique second sensor gauges the ambient room temperature. Whether you are baking in a humid or dry climate, you can be assured of perfect baking results.

At-Home Artisan-Level Bakery

No matter the size or style of your kitchen, the new bread maker fits seamlessly into your home. Conceptualised and designed in Europe, Croustina comes in elegant matte black or white colourway to fit in any modern interior. With its simplistic sleek design, it can subtly sit upon any kitchen counter and bake delicious bread as if it just arrived from a local bakery.

Thanks to a newly optimised heating structure, Croustina mimics a traditional baker’s oven. An innovative reflective inner lid and central heater surrounding the pan work together like an oven to distribute heat evenly to the top of the bread, ensuring consistently crispy and authentic crust.


Power supply: 230 – 240 V 50 Hz

Power consumption: 645 – 700 W


Strong bread flour: max. 500 g / min. 300 g

Dry yeast: max. 7.0 g / min. 2.1 g

Baking powder: max. 13.0 g min. ** g

Timer: Digital timer (up to 13 h)

Dimensions (H × W × D): Approx. 27.3 × 40.4 × 33.9 cm

Weight: Approx. 6.9 kg

Accessories: Measuring cup, measuring spoon

About Dr Morgaine Gaye

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