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Panasonic today announced the SC-GA10, one of the world’s first Hi-Fi speakers with Google Assistant built in. The SC-GA10 speakers will incorporate all of Google Assistant’s voice assisted operations and support all of the major music streaming apps including Spotify, Google Play Music, and Tune-in radio. Panasonic’s premium audio technology has been fully incorporated into the speakers to achieve extremely rich, robust bass, despite its compact size – filling any room with impressive sound. In addition, SC-GA10’s simple yet sleek, modern design blends seamlessly and unobtrusively into any room interior.

Multiple uses of Google Assistant
By a simple voice command, the SC-GA10 can via Google Assistant stream music, answer questions about the weather and even control other compatible smart devices to provide a seamless, coordinated experience. Google Assistant’s Multi-room Audio function means users can further combine it with Chromecast Audio or Chromecast integrated speakers, allowing music lovers to sync and control music playback through multiple speakers.

High-Quality Sound in a Compact Body
Incorporating Panasonic’s high-quality sound technology, the SC-GA10 delivers serious sound performance in a compact body size. At the front of the speakers, the two 20-mm Soft Dome Tweeters have been specifically designed with a silk diaphragm for its diffuser, opening at a 45º angle. This gives a full 180º range to the high-frequency directional sounds to create a wide, smooth and expansive sound effect. To ensure crisp, clear vocals of Google Assistant, an 8-cm Woofer with a Dual Voice Coil is placed to suppress any acoustic impedance, rising between the medium- to high-frequency audio range. Compared with the single coil used in ordinary woofers, the Dual Voice Coil produces a much more robust and impressive bass sound. The bass sounds are further enriched by a Long Port Back Bass Reflex System. Additionally the Meshed Diaphragm with a Wide Role Rubber Edge design efficiently reduces distortion in the low-frequency sound range.

Modern Design to Complement Every Interior
SC-GA10’s simple yet modern design blends into and enhances virtually any room interior. Achieving excellence in both design and sound quality, the speaker was created to resemble a piece of art. With its sleek aluminium case combined with the fine, fabric mesh overlay – it adds a subtle touch to the elegance of any room and allows SC-GA10’s excellent sound quality to speak for itself. The SC-GA10 is available in the classic monogram colours of black and white and can stand out or blend in with any room’s design.

New Panasonic Music Control App
A new Panasonic Music Control App will be released alongside the launch of the SC-GA10. By connecting the SC-GA10 to this app, the user is not only able to play music stored in a smartphone, tablet, or NAS, but he can also enjoy a variety of unique functions. These functions include Stereo Pairing where users can connect two SC-GA10 devices, and Party mode that transfers Bluetooth and AUX sound sources to multiple SC-GA10 speakers. This is just a start as more updates and unique features can be expected from the Music Control App in the future.

The SC-GA10 features high-quality sound and the built in voice assistant. It will play a central role to the all-new Smart Network Audio range, which is part of Panasonic’s quickly expanding smart devices family.

Introduction in Europe will start in UK, Germany & France

SC-GA10 Main Features

High-Quality Sound
● Room-Filling Expansive Sound
● 20-mm Soft Dome Tweeter x2
● Strong bass with an 8-cm Dual Voice Coil, Wide Role Rubber Edge, and Meshed Diaphragm
● Long Port Back Bass Reflex
● Bluetooth / MP3 Re-master
● Preset / Manual EQ

Smart Features
● The Google Assistant built in
● Linking with Chromecast
● Bluetooth Compatible

● Simple yet Compact Design
● Select Materials and Finishing
● Available in two colours: Black and White

Functions, function names, and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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